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Palm Valley Holiday Boat Parade

This spectacle of floating light covers over 7 miles of Palm Valley’s Intracoastal Waterway. It features a traditional parade experience for hundreds of uninterrupted docks, local restaurants and noted public viewing areas.  With up close participant/spectator interaction, the parade is truly a unique experience unlike any other.

Join us by registering your boat, dock, or watching. Lasting memories ahoy!


While the origins of the first Palm Valley Holiday Boat Parade lead back almost 40 years, the current running event was conceived in the fall of 1993. The then-owners of Ward’s Landing restaurant, now Barbara Jean’s, Joanne and Clen Ward along with Maureen Van Doren and several others, decided to organize the event as a way to celebrate the holiday season with their friends and family.  Little did they know, it would become an annual community tradition enjoyed by countless residents and guests every year.

That first year, there were only but a few high-spirited boat registrants. There was; however, an abundance of land-based spectators cheering and celebrating their favorite boats.  Needless to say, for the community it was love at first sight. The rest of the colorful story is history. 

Naturally, in the spirit of friendly competition the Docks and residents of the ICW also wanted in on the friendly competition, so a land-based dock contest was introduced and judged by volunteers on the water.

Some 20 odd years later, the Palm Valley Light and Boat Parade is a cornerstone of the community and an annual event anticipated by residents and friends of all ages. Palm Valley families are well known for hosting holiday parties to coincide with the parade and it is one of the most festive nights of the year.


Contact parade coordinatior

Beacham Still (904) 395-5217