Parade Rules

Boat Parade Rules and Guidelines:

  1. All boats participating will gather at Marker #3 about one mile south of the Palm Valley Bridge.
  2. Boat numbers should be posted on the starboard side where they can be clearly seen from shore.
  3. The lead boat will set the pace at no more than 6 knot speed.
  4. Boats will keep a minimum distance of 300 ft from each other.  During the procession down the waterway, please maintain this distance while the boat ahead of you “displays” at various docks.  Remember, there are judges on some of the docks! The procession will continue to the last house in Marsh Landing.
  5. Communications by VHF Channel 72.
  6. Boat sizes will be staggered in order that all large boats will not be one after another.  This is for better viewing purposes on behalf of the spectators and judges.
  7. Larger boats please be cautious of smaller boats.  Be mindful of your wake.
  8. Practice all boating and general waterway and safety rules.

Dock Competition Format:

  • Prizes and Bragging Rights available for Palm Valley’s Top Dock
  • Judged by the parade organizers and participating boaters
  • Don’t be intimidated, creativity always beats extravagance… but more lights never hurt anybody!
  • Judging of decorations and lighting limited to the dock itself, illuminated trees, homes and any other structure not over water shall not be factored into the competition.
  • Dock must be registered, receive a number and clearly display that number to be eligible
  • Contact Beacham Still ( with any questions