Dock Contest

Dock Competitors

With a longstanding history and bragging rights on the line, the annual Dock Competition is often more competitive than the Boat Parade itself.

For the few hundred docks on the Palm Valley ICW, this is an opportunity to show not only jolly holiday spirit, but creativity and individuality.  Its not always about the most lights or the biggest house.  Unique and passionate participation is always appreciated.


  • Prizes and Bragging Rights available for Top 3 docks
  • Judged by the parade organizers, participating boaters and a collection of non-partial judges on the water.
  • Don’t be intimidated, creativity always beats extravagance… but more lights never hurt anybody!
  • Judging of decorations and lighting limited to the dock itself, illuminated trees, homes and any other structure not over water shall not be factored into the competition.
  • Dock must be registered, receive a number and clearly display that number to be eligible

Contact Beacham Still ( with any questions.

people watching a boat parade